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Strange shaped fresh carrot in studio.

Ugly Carrot Personality | Murray Lloyd Photography

When given a fresh bag of garden produce from my father in law’s garden it contain a bunch of misshapen carrots. Or possibly not. Although the produce would be rejected by supermarkets  for lack of size ugly veges like these are now becoming trendy. Surely they have other creative possibilities as well…I am seeing the 3 wise men at the moment.Fuuny shaped fresh carrot with sprouts on in New Zealand.Funny shaped fresh carrot photographed in studio in New Zealand.Strange shaped fresh carrot photographed in studio.

Roti Jala curry at Wellington Restaurant in NZ.

Roti Jala at Kayu Manis Restaurant | Murray Lloyd Photography

When photographing Roti Jala at Kayu Manis recently I was invited into the kitchen to see the pancake being made. After photographing the final dish, I had the pleasure of eating it. Unfortunately Kayu Manis has now closed so if If you are looking for full flavored Malaysian food in Wellington try Rasa or Roti Chenai. Or you could cook it yourself if you peruse this recipe

Making Roti Jala in Wellington, New Zealand.Roti Jala in pan in Wellington, New Zealand.Rahja Vellasamy cooking Roti Jala in Wellington, New Zealand.Roti Jala at Wellington Restaurant in New Zealand.

Whole grilled squid from Dahra Korean Bistro, Wellington, New Zealand

Food Photos in Wgtn Restaurants|Murray Lloyd Photography

I love photographing food and it is always a pleasure to get involved with Wellington’s restaurants and food scene. These images were all photographed on location with minimal props. David Burton’s provided reviews and the photos were published in the Dominion Post Wine Guide.