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Prize winning cupcakes at Levin A&P show

Prize winning cupcakes at NZ show | Murray Lloyd Photography

The highlight for me at the Levin A&P show last week was the Home Industry display.  In amongst the Christmas puddings, fruitcakes and scones were two entries for cupcakes. I was told this was only the second year cupcakes had been accepted, perhaps reflecting the slow pace of change away from the city (where all the talk has now switched to macaroons).

Other highlights were the  jams, and vegetable creations.  Outside in the pens was the usual fluttering of ribbons amongst the winning pigs, chickens, sheep and cattle. However  I noticed the prizewinning export lambs were not getting carried away by their win. For those technology buffs – I photographed the A&P show on an old Mamiya C330 Twin Lens Reflex camera using roll film.

Sign advertising home industries at Levin A&P show in New ZealandPrize winning cupcakes at A&P Show in Levin, New Zealand.Prize winning jams at Levin A&P show in New Zealand.Vege creations made by children at Levin A&P show in New Zealand.

Portrait of Mike Beech of Victory Line Orchard, Levin, New Zealand

Heritage plums in NZ| Murray Lloyd Photography

I had the good luck to photograph an orchard teeming with an amazing variety of heritage plums and apples. I was familiar with plum names such as Billington, Greengage and Fortune but how about Keruru Gold, Hawera, Ox heart ( deeply complex and delicious flavour), Purple King, Luisa, Casselman and Cacak?

And apples – Monty’s Surprise  is currently being researched for cancer prevention properties. Victory Line Orchard in Levin is run by Mike and Frances Beech . They  sell the plums (and apples) only at Paraparaumu Market on Saturday morning. This is the place to see the difference between a Nonnetit Bastard, a Ballarat and an Italian prune, whilst also giving your support to a very unique orchard.

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Walnuts and Granny Smith Apples | Murray Lloyd Photography

Expecting to find handfuls of ripe Damson plums on our tree recently I was shocked to find an empty tree, footsteps underneath and a plastic shopping bag flapping around.  Security has been discussed subsequently (has anyone got suggestions?). At least the Granny Smiths and walnuts are still to look forward to. This post has recipes for walnuts.

Fresh young Granny Smith apples growing on tree.Young green walnuts growing on tree in New Zealand.