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Man wearing a hat with pig ears at Wild Food Festival in New Zealand

Wild Food Festival Photos | Murray Lloyd Photography

The famous Wildfoods Festival is a shock awaiting anyone used to romantic farmers’ markets or sterilised supermarket offerings.

On the menu one year you could get a shot of horse semen washed down with Red Bull.  Among the culinary highlights on my last visit were seagulls bottoms, bull’s penis sausages (3000 made from 40kgs), worm slammers (rumour had it the worms were sourced from a local graveyard), and live or chocolate coated huhu grubs.

The more restrained dishes on offer included sliced, pickled fern trunks, whitebait in various guises, and Hoki -Tikka from the local Indian curry house.  Wild indeed.

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Classic hamburger with fries for Ruth Pretty cookbook

Ruth Pretty Hamburger Recipe | Murray Lloyd Photography

When I read the rugby sevens crowd was going to eat 12000 hamburgers  on the weekend  it made me think how the humble burger (particularly  Mac – burgers) are often targeted by critics of the fast food industry.

On the other side advertisers try various approaches to make us eat more. If you want to get away from mass production and the products of Hamburger University try the Lembastic burger from Lembas Cafe in Raumati South (Now named Raumati Social Club) which  took out the title of Wellington’s best burger .

If you are looking for an inspiration for the BBQ try this hamburger recipe from Ruth Pretty. Wouldn’t it be great for stadiums to have this standard of food.

Classic hamburger with fries for Ruth Pretty cookbook
Classic hamburger for Ruth Pretty cookbook