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Fresh walnut ripening on tree

Walnut recipes by Ruth Pretty| Murray Lloyd Photography

Having only eaten walnuts sporadically I was intrigued to find although the nut has culinary use, the shells are used for making dynamite, oil paint, plastics and helping to drill oil wells. I am sure the dynamite discovery must have come from some lateral thinker watching the walnuts ‘explode’ from their husks before falling to the ground.

Fresh walnut ripening on tree
Walnut exploding from tree

The walnuts (roasted) go well with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Champagne…

Whole Parmiganio Reggiano cheese with cheese straws and champagne.
Cheese straws by Ruth Pretty for Cuisine Magazine

…but if you desire something tasty on a smaller budget try this salad from Ruth Pretty

Ruth Pretty's pear, celery and walnut salad with honey vinaigrette.
Ruth Pretty’s pear, celery and walnut salad with honey vinaigrette
Blueberries being processed at True Earth Organic farm in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

True Earth Organics in NZ | Murray Lloyd Photography

You may have seen the Lawsons True Earth label around town, especially as they distribute carrots, onions, blueberries and pumpkin all over the North Island in plentiful quantity. Situated in Hawkes Bay next to the Gimblett gravels (as branded by the wine industry)  Scott and Vicki have farmed the 100 hectare block organically since 1992.

It seems they have brought organic fresh veges and blueberries very much into the mainstream as the produce can not only be found in the organic supply chain but also in foodie destinations (Moore Wilsons etc) and regular supermarkets.

However you won’t see their organic potatoes as the pest psyllid has made it uneconomic to grow them unless dealt with in a non organic way. This is a big loss but really lives up to the the name True Earth.

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Portrait of butcher Ren Witchell at the Organic Farm Butchery in Havelock North, New Zealand

Hawkes Bay Organic Butcher | Murray Lloyd Photography

Located in Hastings, the Organic Farm Butchery processes and distributes beef and lamb from Ti Kouka an organic farm near Waimarama (they also have some pigs).

After photographing at the farm last year  I thought it would would good to see another side of the operation.  The mainstream media have published large quantities of material about farmers markets, local produce and consumers wanting to know where their food comes from.

However thinking more about images of beef carcasses and slabs of meat I wonder if the public is ready for an even closer viewpoint.  While I was photographing, numerous boxes of organic meat went out the door. Nothing was wasted as the bones seen in the trolley were destined for the beef stock at a gourmet food supplier.

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National flags fly alongside a DB Draught flaf in NZ.

Beer flag flies with National Flags | Murray Lloyd Photography

Line up of National Flags uncluding a DB Draught flag in New Zealand..

Tino Rangatira, New Zealand, Australia, United States….. and DB Draught? The inclusion suggests the brand sees itself as imparting national identity. I am not sure it will be in consideration for the intended NZ flag redesign.