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Organic fruit at Te Mata | Murray Lloyd Photography

Te Mata Wine, Te Mata Cheese, Te Mata Peak may all be names recognizable to Hawkes Bay visitors and residents but Te Mata Orchard less so. Only a stone’s throw from the Te Mata Cheesery, the orchard is an organic operation growing  apples, pears and plums. Ian Kiddle, who has hosted me on a couple of occasions exports produce and also supplies the Pure Fresh brand seen in New Zealand supermarkets.

The domestic organic market in NZ is worth about $350 million (at last count) and more than half that value is exported. Evidence is mounting the world wants sustainable produce.

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Organic farmer Clyde Potter standing in his micro salad hothouse in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Epicurus rediscovered

Epicurus (341–270 B.C.) founded one of the major philosophies of ancient Greece, helping to lay the intellectual foundations for modern science and for secular individualism. Many aspects of his thought are still highly relevant some twenty-three centuries after they were first taught in his school in Athens, called “the Garden.”

Epicurus primarily promoted the pleasures of the mind, friendship and contentment – pleasure without pain.  However recent use of the word epicurean links this philosophy to a life frequented by bouts of hedonism   especially food consumption and sex – this pleasure is said to derive from pain i.e  hunger and desire

Epicurean Supplies , a garden in Hawkes Bay,  spans the divide between the ancient philosophy and the recent interpretation linked to food. Indeed perhaps Clyde Potter (owner of Epicurean Supplies) is the modern Epicurus.

Clyde’s  disciples in this case are a small permanent staff and a varying band of itinerent woofers. I  imagine anyone who has eaten his organic micro salads, fresh herbs and heirloom vegetables can attest to this. Clyde’s jewel- like produce not only provides good health but allows your eyes to feast as well,  bringing a sense of pleasure completely unaccompanied by pain.

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