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Front view of can of Whalemeat form North Korea.

Whale meat in New Zealand | Murray Lloyd Photography

The can of whale meat pulled from sale on Trade Me recently (thanks to Project Jonah) reminded me of a can rusting away in our house.  This can arrived in New Zealand in 1989 originating from North Korea . It was brought into the country by a couple of young adventurers returning from a trip sponsored by New Zealand’s communist community. In 1989 the law in New Zealand stated you could not import any raw whale products so I guess the customs officials turned a blind eye to the cooked contents from North Korea. Changed in 1999, the law now prohibits the import of all whale products including the contents of this can.

Front view of can of Whalemeat from North Korea.Side view of can of Whale Meat from North Korea.Back view of can of Korean Whale Meat from North Korea.

Humourous fresh tomato resembling Edward Munch's The Scream

A Taniwha, a Ghost and the Scream| Murray Lloyd Photography

If you want to get your hands on the real Scream you will have to spend more than 140 Million NZ  Dollars, its last sale price. So here’s to the imperfections of the world, home grown produce, and heritage crops which can be very satisfying at a fraction of the cost.

The ScreamThe Scream

The ghostThe ghost

The taniwhaThe taniwha

Mr MischiefMr Mischief