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All Good Organics Fair Trade Bananas at entrance of supermarket in NZ.

FairTradeBananas vs EthicalChoice | Murray Lloyd Photography

I was surprised to see All Good Organics Fair Trade Bananas right at the entrance of one of my grocery suppliers recently.

All Good Fair Trade Bananas at entrance of supermaket

I thought the move may have resulted from the stoush between the owners of the Fair Trade bananas – New Zealand’s All Good Bananas, and Dole’s Ethical Choice brand.
However Chris, the fresh produce manager at the supermarket, said the move was because of a special they were running. Either way it was good to see they sold a lot more Fair Trade bananas from the new location.

To avoid any confusion this is the All Good Bananas Fair Trade brand

All Good Fair Trade Bananas

I wonder if they are using Fair Trade bananas on Sesame Street

Interior of Rangiatea Church

A Royal Afternnoon Tea at WOAP | Murray Lloyd Photography

A Church, and particularly a Maori church, seemed a very appropriate place to commemorate Mrs Royal, an Otaki Caterer of yesteryear.

At the Wellington on a Plate event hosted by Ruth Pretty Catering and Rangiatea Church, her kindness was noted, with special mention of the Maori families she used to help by selling goods from her bakery at below cost.

The guests who travelled to Otaki for the event not only got fed by an afternnon tea inspired by Mrs Royal but were also welcomed to Rangiatea Church. Andre Baker gave a compelling talk about the history of the church including minute details about the rebuild after the church was burnt down in 1995 by arson (he was one of the key project managers). It is seldom I hear someone talk with such humbleness and depth of knowledge.

Louise Carkeek (who had just turned 90) was also introduced to the audience. She along with Marie Hakaraia was instrumental in renewing the embroided kneeler cushions that were destroyed in the fire. We were told they got bored with the delays in the rebuild and just got on with it. Sixty three cushions were destroyed but there were at least twice as many replacements on display.

1953 was the year Ruth Pretty selected to recreate Mrs Royal’s time and once the guests entered the church hall they were greeted by food and royalty (it was the year the Queen was coronated). Even with the two Bishops available there was some confusion (and amusement) about who was going to say Grace. I am sure Mrs Royal would have would have been both thrilled and humbled by this tribute.

Interior of Rangiatea Church
Interior of Rangiatea Church
Embroidered kneelers at Rangiatea Church
Embroidered kneelers at Rangiatea Church
Ruth Pretty
Ruth Pretty sitting with guests in Rangiatea Church
Bishop Muru Walters welcomes guests at Rangiatea Church
Andre Baker explaining the mangopare (hammerhead shark) design on the edge of the kneelers
Andre Baker and Louise Carkeek
Bishops, Muru Walters and Justin Duckworth
Dolly Varden cake and Foxton Fizz
The Mrs Royal inspired spread included Victoria Sponge cake, Beauty cake, Neenish tarts, Eccles cakes, Lamingtons, Cinnamon oysters and Ginger gems
Ruth Pretty
“Your ability as a housewife was judged on how thin you could slice your bread”.
Timbales of creamed Tuatua

Did I mention the whitebait fritters on sliced white bread?

Aunty Hira Royal reminisces about Mrs Royal (she was no relation)
The Band
Rangiatea Church