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Alice in Bakingland Celebration cake sitting on table.

Alice in Bakingland cookbook | Murray Lloyd Photography

After bringing armfuls of fresh baking home over the last couple of months, I will miss Alice and her kitchen. Alice has been fantastic to work with and her generosity showed no bounds. This was typified when on the last day of food photography she offered me a cake to take home. Aptly named Celebration Cake, Alice was celebrated when the cake was presented at a friend’s house and held pride of place amongst fish and chips, burgers and a few beers.

Alice in Bakingland Celebration cake
Although the styling here differs from the more refined book version, the inside remained the same – three layers of chocolate cake. For those who like to bake, look out for the book in the middle of next year.

Machines looking like star wars characters at Cordon Bleu cooking school in Wellington, New Zealand

Star Wars at Cooking School in NZ | Murray Lloyd Photography

Photographing for Hospitality Magazine at the Cordon Bleu cooking school (now officially opened in Wellington), I could not help noticing these two machines hiding in the corner. Does anyone else see resemblances with a couple of famous Star Wars characters?

Machines at Cordon Bleu cooking school in Wellington, New Zealand

Ruth Pretty picking fresh tomatoes for Ruth Pretty Cooks at Home Cookbook

Ruth Pretty’s Cheese Roll Recipe | Murray Lloyd Photography

Asparagus in garden

I have even noticed a few much neglected asparagus spears popping up in our garden. However you will need more than a few spears to make the Toasted Asparagus and Swiss Cheese roll recipe from Ruth Pretty’s latest book.

Cover of Ruth Pretty's latest book

Ruth’s book was a great project to work on as the food images were complemented by editorial photography, landscapes and photos of garden produce.

Ruth Pretty picking tomatoes in the garden

Ruth’s recipe is a healthy¬† version of the famous Dunedin cheese roll.

Ruth Pretty's Toasted Asparagus and Swiss Cheese Rolls