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Fresh organic produce from Epicurian Supplies at Hawkes Bay farmers market.

Buying Local Food | Murray Lloyd Photography

Fresh organic produce from Epicurian Supplies at Hawkes Bay farmers market.
Organic produce from Epicurian Supplies in Hawkes Bay.

The markets will be crammed with lovely fresh produce now spring has arrived and in NZ we can find locally produced food easily. Not so elsewhere.

In Britain, a local government report said a quarter of food could not be verified as local in one county. In North Wales only half the meat sold as Welsh lamb was found to be Welsh and in an English restaurant “Hampshire spring lamb” was sold which was actually from New Zealand.

In Canada the government have changed the criteria on what constitutes local. The government say the food just has to come from within the same province to be called local. In Canada this could mean a 1500km journey. Previously a 50km radius was deemed local. The subject of buying local food is clearly more of a battleground than in NZ as Canadian designer Thomas Cheng shows below. Here is another funny take on local food.

Oritain is a New Zealand company based in Dunedin specialising in food verification. Their mission statement states Oritain can independently and scientifically verify the origin of food products to a forensic standard. The consumers in Canada and Britain would clearly benefit from their services.

LED Steetlights in Kapiti.

Film Noir Photos in Kapiti | Murray Lloyd Photography

It was good fun trawling the streets of Kapiti to take photos of new LED lighting. Other locations were more industrial but this one felt like film noir. Maybe I should have posed a model staring into space out of an open car door in a similar way to Gregory Crewdson. He established an international following creating cinematic, dreamlike images of American suburbs.

Smiling boy Holding Fresh Garlic in garden.

Giant Leek at Country Show | Murray Lloyd Photography

I have seen photos of over sized pumpkins appearing in the media but never a leek. The leek portrait has been published on the cover of Martin Parr’s 2014 book Black Country Stories. I don’t know what they feed their leeks in England’s Black Country but a portrait I photographed recently shows another way to make your produce seem large.Portrait of man holding a giant leek which was the cover of Martin Parr's book Black Country Stories.

Portrait of smiling boy holding a bunch of fresh garlic in garden.


Sixpack of Sushi Jewellery by Sharon Fitness

Fake Food at Dowse Art Museum | Murray Lloyd Photography

Cigarette butts, painted flies, an earthworm, and fake sushi

Sixpack of Sushi Jewellery by Sharon Fitness at Dowse Art Museum.
Sushi Jewellery by Sharon Fitness

now showing at Wunderrūma: New Zealand Jewellery (finishes 28th Sept). If you are still hungry, next door the food theme continues with sheep entrails (be thankful for the BW photo) swiss rolls and neenish tarts in a very well executed exhibition of Peter Peryer’s work ending 23rd November. Bon Appetit

Neenish Tarts photograph by Peter Peryer at Dowse art museum.
Neenish Tarts by Peter Peryer