Nick Leggart, Lisa and Simon Bowen at 3 little birds launch.

Jamaican Food in Wellington | Murray Lloyd Photography

Bob Marley and New Zealand have always had a close relationship and this continues with the arrival in Wellington of Jamaican catering company Three Little Birds, named after a song on Bob Marley’s album Exodus.

Jerked pork and chicken, Ackee bruschetta, Solomon Gundy Cream Cheese Dip and Bob Marley all featured in the official launch of Three Little Birds thanks to the 100% Jamaican owners Simon and Lisa Bowen.

Lisa and Simon Bowen
Lisa and Simon Bowen
Jerk Pork on the BBQ
Ackee Bruschetta
Ackee Bruschetta
Vegetarian and Beef Patties - yum
Vegetarian and Beef Patties – yum

Amongst the crowd celebrating on the night was Wellington’s entire Jamaican community (so I was told) and the Mayor of Porirua, Nick Leggett.

Jamaican products on show were brought to the venue by the team at West Indies Spice Traders.

One of my favourite tastes on the night (along with the jerked pork) was the crackers topped with the Solomon Gundy Cream Cheese dip. Although they were modest in presentation the fishy flavours of the smoked herring were beautifully balanced with the heat from hot peppers.

Nick Leggart sampling the Soloman Grundy Cream Cheese crackers .
Nick Leggett sampling the Soloman Gundy Cream Cheese crackers

You can look out for their delicious food at festivals around Wellington this summer and the word is Simon and Lisa are very keen to set up a restaurant in Wellington. Jerk, Rum and Reggae – let the party begin.

David Phillips, West Indies Spice Traderss

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  1. Thank you for this article! As a Jamaican living in Auckland, I was happy to hear about this new venture in Wellington, and the photos are great!

  2. My partner & I adore Three Little Birds food, we live in hope of finding the same in Auckland.

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