Young girl holding fresh picked coffee cherries in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu coffee

It surprised me to see three brands of Vanuatu grown coffee for sale in Luganville. Alongside the well-known Tanna coffee there was a selection from Aore Island and a haphazard collection of different bags branded as Cafe de Vanuatu. I found the origins of this coffee at VARTC ( Vanuatu Agricultural Research Technical Centre ),10km north of Luganville.

The VARTC farm is quite compact and it did not take long to find children on school holidays picking the arabica beans (30 Vatu for 1kg or about 40c NZ ). From picking to roasting, the whole operation is done by hand.

With a new wharf being built in Luganville and more cruise ships visiting it would be an ideal time to package the operation for tourists in a similar way to Tanna Coffee in Efate.

In the meantime you will have to buy the very good quality arabica beans at LCM ( the best supermarket in Luganville ), I just hope the branding gets some love.

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2 thoughts on “Vanuatu coffee

  1. Hi Murray,
    Nanette from Aore Coffee here..we are in the process of setting up a Factory on Aore Island to show tourists the process etc. Just thought it may be of interest to you to know you are correct and it is happening. It will be a valuable asset to the locals here on Aore Island.
    If you are ever back this way, please come visit us.
    kind regards
    Nanette & Murray Connolly

    1. Hi Nanette,

      It would be great if you can include tourist visits to sample the coffee and see the process. Vanuatu needs more of this. When do you envisage the factory opening?

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